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Giedrius Sarkauskas emerged on the local scene in 1995 and launched his label GIEDRIUS in 2001, working from his studio LINO KOPOS in Vilnius, Lithuania. Born deaf, he found in designing his major form of communicating his tenderness towards his fellow human beings. With over 20 collections under his belt, Giedrius pursues his vision of creating exclusively linen wardrobe (not excepting linen footwear or hosiery) beneficial to human body and soul, according to the designer’s philosophy of life.

His highly wearable as well as self-confidence-boosting pieces prepare you to confront and attract any eye, in any setting. The secret behind it is how Giedrius balances his profuse imagination with the meticulous testing of every line, the Chanel-like “ripping off the sleeves” time and again until a perfect fit is found. 


  On top of it he adds his unique aesthetics of seams, approached by his team of     tailors with almost pious attention and care. He has come to grips and mastered     every aspect of linen from featherweight, transparent grades to heavy, denim like   densities, creating his own prints, 3-D textures, using pleating and quilting.   Besides being a work of art in itself, for Giedrius a piece of clothing is always a   means of communicating your personality, and his ability to ‘impersonalize”   someone from a romantic young girl to a philosophically- minded artist or a   professional woman, is amazing.

  An ardent traveller, Giedrius connects as he goes with his international clientele   (for whom he becomes almost a wardrobe guru) in Europe, Japan or New York   City, himself being inspired by places, environment design and cultural heritage.

 With every garment, there is a story to be told. Giedrius follows his vision until it is materialized into a piece of clothing with almost a spiritual message.

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