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Linokopos WIDE SCARF

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Fine, soft, natural linen
70x200 cm (27,6x78,7'')
Material: 100% linen


It was the runway show in 2000, where Giedrius presented his first linen collection. Back then all linen garments used to be ironed obsessively – and this collection was no exception, show staff did their job.
When designer saw what happened, he literally freaked out. So did everybody around, seeing him grabbing a water spray from the hair stylist, spraying it all over scarves and madly creasing them. Knowing that he was sleep deprived for days prior, everyone was scared he lost his mind! Although – all the idea was – to finally give linen a freedom to be what it is – with its beautiful creases and raw origin.
Since then, linen scarves are a celebration and tribute to natural features and beauty of linen.
Plus – with the scarf so wrinkled, our faces do look drop dead flawless!